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The Cliff Jones RV Houston Service Center services all makes and models of towable and motorized RVs as well as horse trailers, utility trailers, and tractors of all makes and sizes. We are also a warranty station for Onan, Generac, Thetford, Keystone, and Forest River. Additionally, we accept all RV manufacturers' warranties. We have certified technicians to perform repairs to very exacting standards. Our shop contains over 15 work bays and service stations.

  1. Check Interior and Exterior for damage, delamination, oxidation, etc.
  2. Check frame, axles and suspension for damage, cracks, loose fittings, and excessive.
  3. Check age of tires and recommend replacement if 5-7 years old.
  4. Check tire pressure and set pressure as needed.
  5. Check lug nuts to see they are properly secured and at proper torque.
  6. Check spare tire for proper size, inflation and condition.
  7. Visually inspect roof, seams and sealant for damage, cracking, dry rot, wear, mold, mildew, or missing sealant (MOLD & MILDEW CAUSE RAPID DETERIORATION TO RUBBER ROOFS)
  8. Inspect roof vents for damage, fit and sealant.
  9. Inspect A/C shroud for damage, dry rot or improper fit.
  10. Inspect underbelly for holes, cuts or damage due to road hazards and whether secure.
  11. Inspect the slide-out rubber seals, wipers, and toppers for damage, dry rot, cracking or peeling. Check slide-out alignment.
  12. Inspect awning for dry rot or tears; check hardware for damage and improper operation.
  13. Check battery for proper charge, fluids and connections.
  14. Check all exterior lights, lens, and mounts for proper operation.
  15. Inspect Air Conditioner filters for proper operation.
  16. Perform LP Gas pressure leak.
  17. Inspect LP tanks, connections, gauges and mounts.
  18. Inspect gate valves and dump connectors for damage or wear.
  19. Inspect the 7-way and 4-way trailer connectors and cable for corrosion or damage.
  20. Inspect hitch coupler components for wear or damage.
  21. Inspect safety chains and connecting mechanisms for weakened, damaged or corroded condition.
  22. Inspect propane gas detector for proper operation.
  23. Inspect smoke detector for proper operation.
  24. Inspect carbon monoxide detector for proper operation.
  25. Check fire extinguisher for easy access and proper charging.
  26. Check 30/50 amp power cord for damage or improper operation.
  27. Check the exterior step hinges and brackets for corrosion or damage.
  28. Inspect ladder for damage and for tight, proper attachment to RV
  29. Check exterior compartment doors and access doors for proper operation or damage.
  30. Inspect refrigerator and hot water exterior components for damage, corrosion and missing items
  31. Check break-away switch for improper mounting or for damage.

Our technicians strive to get the job done right THE FIRST TIME. We pride ourselves on quality service and workmanship.

We accept all extended warranty policies and work with all major insurance companies to make sure that your unit is repaired in such a way that everybody-you, the insurance company or warranty company, Cliff Jones RV Houston - are happy.

We have heard that one unhappy customer overshadows ten ecstatically happy customers. We don't want to have to test that theory. OUR GOAL IS HAPPY CUSTOMERS!!!

Don't take your RV to any other RV repair center and wait in line 6-8 weeks until they can get around to looking at it. We let you know within a day or so what needs to be done, how much it cost, and the length of time it will take. If you're on the road on vacation, we'll check it out immediately and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

*Courtesy inspection is free for customers who rewarded us with their business by purchasing their unit from us.  If customer did not purchase their unit from us, the charge is $198 plus fees.

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