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The Facts Of The RV Market Today

One of the most important facts about today's RVS is which one do you buy. As a salesman we give the prospective RV customer many reasons to purchase from us and a few reasons why they would not purchase from our competition. But let's face it most customers will just think that we are just salespeople trying to sell and we would say anything to get you to buy from us.

So in light of that let me say that I hope we are just giving you the information that you will need to make an intelligent decision. I hope in this small article I can shed some light on the RV market today.

Buying an RV

There are compared to autos very few RV manufactures and out of the RV manufactures there are 2 companies that sell 65% of all the RVS in the United States. So let's think about that for just a minute, if 2 companies sell 65% then how many companies sell the other 35%. Well at the last count 27 companies are responsible for that other 35%.

So you are probably asking what does that matter SO WHAT! Well here it is the So What! The 2 major players in the RV business are Forest River and Thor they manufacture brands such as Cherokee, Blue Ridge, Cardinal, Grey Wolf and Wolf Pack. Thor they manufacture brands such as Keystone, Laredo and Wilderness these are both bumper pull trailers and fifth wheel trailers. So these 2 very large companies have lots of money and lots of buying power so therefore they can keep the cost of their product lower than the competition and one of the most important things they will always be when it comes to warranty work.

What most people don't understand about buying a Rv is the manufactures of Rvs are not bound by government regulations that like the auto manufactures that the dealers of that brand have to complete the warranty work even if they did not sell it. The Rv dealers most of them if you did not buy it from them they will not service it and most of the time if you did buy it from them the wait is longer then you want to wait.

So the moral of this story is to try to buy from a small dealer with low overhead that will service any Rv or Motor home no matter where the customer bought it. Also some small dealers will post specials on the website for things such as free inspections and discounts on repairs. And I know now you will say what dealer in this area has all that to offer, well quess what if you are reading this fact sheet you are at the website of such a dealer. So look around the website and send u eprice request and let us help you with your decision.

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