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Route 66 Extended Service Agreement

About the Route 66 Extended Service Agreement
As part of the ROUTE 66 commitment to customer care, we believe RV owners should only have to focus on the journey and the destination. That is why we offer two protection plans from the Assurant Solutions companies - Classic Coverage & Classic Coverage Plus. Both are as comprehensive as they are easy-to-use. Depending upon your needs you can choose a plan for either a motor home or travel trailer that will give you . . .

Worry-free protection against unexpected repairs.
Comprehensive coverage and benefit options.
Professional claims administration with over 30 years experience.
Protection throughout the United States and Canada at all network and non-network dealerships.
Better yet, both Classic Coverage Plans allow you to subtract $66 from your standard $100 deductible if you have your service work performed through one of our 150+ service centers across the country. However, if you're not near a ROUTE 66 location when a repair is needed, either service contract should be honored at most RV service centers nationwide. Just make sure they call the claims number to get the repair approved before proceeding.

Recognize that ALL Route 66 Network dealers honor Classic Coverage Service Contracts. That's protection and savings you can count on.

Five Reasons You Need To Invest in an Extended Service Agreement.

Peace of Mind:
Why worry about the cost of unexpected repairs? Your Service agreement may cover mechanical breakdowns from the day you purchase your vehicle or agreement.

Protect Yourself Against Inflation:
The price of parts and service increase every year. Your one time investment can provide mechanical breakdown protection for years regardless of future repair costs.

Protect Your Investment:
You just made a sizable investment in an RV that will give you and your family years of enjoyment. An RV is comprised of many complex systems, often even more than a home, that travel up and down the road. A service agreement makes it easy for you to protect your RV and preserve its value, regardless of where the road may take you.

Eliminate Unplanned Expenses:
Don't let repair bills burst your vacation budget. Your Service policy means mechanical breakdown expenses won't lead to canceled travel plans.

Protection You Can Afford:
Compared to the cost of physical damage insurance, a service agreement is an excellent value. As a percent of the unit's purchase price, it is less expensive than other service agreements on many home appliances, tools, or electronics, and it just makes a lot more sense, considering the numerous complex systems that are covered.

ASK us about an RV Extended Service Contract to Protect Your Home away from Home
If You Are Purchasing a New or Used Unit, insist on it! Don't leave home without it!

If you Currently Own a Unit With out Protection Contact us for more information.

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