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  • Published on Dec 23, 2016
    Winter RV Getaways in Texas

    Winter RV Getaways- Relax after the Holidays

    Texas is more than just deserts and cowboys. Believe it or not they do have rolling hills and state parks filled with lush greens and bounding wildlife. Near the coast you also get warm sandy beaches and warm gulf breezes.  And after the holidays is the perfect time to travel the state and explore what it has to offer. The hustle and bustle of the season is over, the temperatures are a perfect 80 degrees during the day and a cool 50’s at night, and you can just sit back, relax and take in all that Texas has to offer.  Here are a few ideas of what you can do on your Winter RV getaway.

    Sometimes the best way to explore the state is from your car. Leisurely drives are perfect for covering large amounts of land and exploring the best parts of the state in little amount of time.  In south Texas, the Texas Tropical Trail is one of the most calming and beautiful drives along the Texas coast.  Spanning the southern tip of Texas between the Rio Grande, the Gulf of Mexico and the San Antonio River, there are 4 byways that make up the Texas Tropical Trail.    The Border Byway takes you along the border of Mexico where you’ll encounter ancient ruins and cultural towns that boast more of the Mexican way of life.  The Gulf Coast byway takes you along the Texas Gulf Coast where you get to drive and view the warm sand beaches and sparkling blue waters. Brush Country Byway travels the land between the Gulf and the border.  And the Wild Horse desert byway takes you through the hotter and more desolate parts of the trail.

    You can also visit the State Parks and relax under the sounds of nature and the lush flora and fauna.  Sure, you can explore the more popular state parks like Big Bend Sate Park but why not explore some of the lesser known yet just as beautiful.  Goose Island State Park is located in Rockport,TX and is close to the Gulf of Mexico.  It sits on the St Charles and Aransas Bays just north of Corpus Christi.  Visitors can go fishing in the bays and streams, hike and bike the many trails that wind throughout the park, and view the many species of wildlife like the endangered Whooping Cranes.  Camping is available at designated campgrounds and are not as crowded as the other more well-known state parks.

    Choke Canyon State Park is another beautiful park in Texas that you should check out.  It sits on a 26,000 acre reservoir.  Because of its size there are 2 parts to the park: South Shore and Caliham.  Southshore is a day use only park that visitors can use to go fishing, boating, birdwatching and view the many other species of wildlife that inhabit the land.  Caliham is the part of the park that offers camping; it has a beach where you can relax under the sun, there is a softball field and volleyball court for a little recreation, and you can hike through the winding trails.

    Other than the state parks you can also visit the beach. Many people tend to visit South Padre Island but if crowds are not your thing then you might want to explore one of the lesser visited beaches such as Mustang Island.  Located between Corpus Christie Bay and the Gulf of Mexico the beaches are just as nice here as they are in South Padre.  Mustang Island State Park offers beachfront camping and many water activities.  You can kayak or canoe down Mustang Island's paddling trails and take in the beautiful views from the water.

    No matter where you visit in south Texas, all of these options offer a relaxing getaway after the holidays.  Don't forget to stop by Cliff Jones RV on your travels through Sealy, TX this winter to pick up any camping or RV accessories. We've got a fully stocked parts department that has it all. Come see us today! 

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