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  • Published on Mar 24, 2017
    Spring Break in Texas

    Spring Break in Texas


    Spring break is that time of year when college students take a mid-semester break from their studies and set out to let loose and have a little fun. And it’s no secret that the most popular destinations are the coastal cities with warm sun and sandy white beaches.  But, spring break is not just for the college students anymore.  Many families are seizing the opportunity to turn spring break into a family vacation too. So, where do you take the family on spring break to avoid the college crowd? We’ve got a list of a few fun, family-friendly places in Texas for your spring break.


    Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

    Have you ever wanted to wander among some of the biggest and most exotic animals that still roam the Earth?  At Fossil Rim Wildlife Center you can do just that.  Situated in Glen Rose, TX on over 1700 acres of protected land, you’ll find more than 1,000 animals and over a dozen exotic big game species.  These animals include tigers, rhinoceros, giraffes, and much more.  Many of the animals that inhabit the park are endangered or on the threatened species list.  The center is working to protect these species and preserve their kid for as long as they can.  Visitors can take guided tours through the park or they can drive through in the comfort of their own vehicle. Either way you get to see and appreciate these majestic animals up close and personal. Fossil Rim is a great place to take the kids. There’s a children’s activity center where they can pet and learn about the exotic animals; birds, tortoises and pot-bellied pigs. You can event stay the night in the park lodge or in the cabins at Safari camp that overlook the watering hole where many of the animals roam.  For more information visit


    Dinosaur Valley State Park

    Do you have a little dinosaur lover or a future archaeologist in the midst? Imagine the excitement they would have walking where the Dinosaurs use to walk thousands of years ago.  Strolling through the park and standing in the same place where the dinosaurs stood.  At Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, TX you can take your little explorer to discover over 1500 acres of land along the Paluxy River and find dinosaur footprints in the banks of the water.  There are 70 foot models of an Apatosaurus and a 45 foot model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Visitors can also take advantage of the 20 miles of hiking trails, go fishing in the river, mountain bike on designated trails, and even swim in the river.  There are designated campgrounds and backpack sites for you to camp overnight.  Your little adventurer would get a kick out of spending the night where the dinosaurs roamed.  To learn more about your visit to Dinosaur Valley State park, visit


    Galveston Pleasure Pier

    Galveston is one of the most popular tourist cities along the coast of Texas.  Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, Galveston is the oldest beach town in Texas.  In the 1940’s, the Galveston pier was originally created as a recreational facility for the military but was turned over to the city after World War II and was made into a family friendly attraction.  In 1961, it was destroyed by a hurricane and the Flagship Hotel opened as the only hotel over water.  In 2008, Hurricane Ike destroyed the hotel which then gave way for the historical Pleasure Pier to reopen in 2012.  It now serves as an amusement park and family friendly attraction for visitors to enjoy.  The pier itself extends 1,130 feet over the Gulf of Mexico and is home to the very first Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. made famous by the movie Forrest Gump.  There are thrill rides for all ages, shops, and restaurants that line the pier, and nightly entertainment.  The Pleasure Pier is a great place to visit for families when vacationing in the Galveston area. To plan your visit to the pier, get more info here.


    There is so much more to see and do in Texas, these fun family-friendly spring break activities are just a few of your options.  

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