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  • Published on Jun 30, 2016
    Fourth of July RV Camping Checklist

    With the Fourth of July weekend upon us, we thought it would be good to go through the ultimate Fourth of July camping checklist! With this checklist you will be sure to have a great Fourth of July weekend. Here are the top items we think you need for a successful camping weekend.

    Checklist Items

    Grill - If you have an RV, having a grill and cooking out for your guests is the perfect way to make sure everyone eats right! There is nothing like the smell of BBQ or burgers sizzling on the grill with great tunes playing in the background.

    Good Food- Food and Fourth of July go hand in hand, so making sure you have enough to feed your group is imperative! Make sure to have a nice mix of appetizers and main dishes so that everyone can have a variety and try a lot of different things. Also it is nice to be wary of anyone with a food allergy such as gluten free or peanut, among others. Being sensitive to allergies and providing another option will keep everyone happy!

    Yard Games - While sitting and eating on a nice summer day is great, yard games provide a whole different level of entertainment. The basics such as bag toss, ladder golf and horeshoes are great, but there are also new yard games that are out there as well, such as SpikeBall. Diversifying your games will keep everyone happy and will appeal to all ages!

    Drinks - Having a variety of food is nice, but having a vairety of drinks is equally important. 

    Speakers/Music - Music is another important part of your Fourth of July weekend., and having great speakers will help take your party to the next level. Bluetooth speakers are a great, wireless option that is great for hands free music! Most bluetooth speakers are affordable and compact enough to fit in a small bag or purse!

    Mosquito Control App - There is nothing worse than wanting to go inside because of constant mosquito bites. Stay outside longer and don't let mosquitoes ruin your fun! Our friends at the Route 66 RV Network have a great list of camping apps to download, and one of them is a mosquito control app! That's right, there is an app that can keep mosquitoes away.

    Fireworks - Last but not least, fireworks! Depending on how comfortable you are around fireworks, when used wisely, they can be a grat way to celebrate. Of course proper safety methods should be observed as well as looking up county laws. Knowing if fireworks are legal in your area is super important to avoid a ticket or cause harm to the place you are in. 

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    From all of us here at Cliff Jones RV, we wish you and yours a very Happy Fourth of July! Be safe, celebrate smart and have fun!


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